Who Cares?

There’s that old English pleasantry that we all do, you see someone and greet them with ‘Hiya, alright?’ Now, although it should be a question, we all just know that it’s not. It’s completely rhetorical and the person asking doesn’t really care. No matter how many children have come downstairs with a dirty school uniform... Continue Reading →


Hatches, Matches & Dispatches

  One of the downsides of having a plethora of chronic diseases is that death could be just around the corner, as it could for anyone, they may die in an accident or tragically something worse. The difference being though is every time I get a flare up or get another diagnosis I find myself... Continue Reading →

Her Story.

Her Story. I wrote a blog called My Lupus story, this is a true story of a very good friend that was originally written with mine but I felt her story needed a place of its own. My husband used to have a friend that lived in New York, they kept in regular contact through the internet. He came... Continue Reading →

Just a Short One.

This is just a short blog to air not only my appreciation but frustration with the recent issue I've been having. About a year ago I began having memory and cognitive issues. For instance I would look at my phone or the thermostat and suddenly forget how to use them. I'd also get words wrong... Continue Reading →


Embarrassment is a funny old thing! Who invented embarrassment and what on earth could have been the first reason? Who decided what we should, and shouldn't be embarrassed about? At what point did someone see someone else doing something a little bit ‘different' and decide that it was wrong? This sounds like an obvious statement,... Continue Reading →

Will not Suffer Fools Gladly?

Will not suffer fools gladly? Hmm! I’ve heard that saying before, as I'm sure many of you have also, and gone ‘Duh. Well who does?’ Thing is, there are people out there who do suffer fools on a daily basis, and many of them, I'm sure, do it gladly. Think about Dr’s and nurses. I... Continue Reading →

My Lupus Story.

My Lupus Story Before you read on, please let me first apologise for the rubbish title. My mind draws a blank to anything more interesting. I may even change it before I post it online for the world (or 2 or 3 people) to read it. I may also leave it, this little section about... Continue Reading →

Kids. From Vagina to Whiner.

  If you read my ‘About’ section, you will know that I had my first child when I was 17 years old. If you didn’t, well..."I had my first child when I was 17 Years old!"   I had been off the pill for about 12 months as I was having a bad reaction to... Continue Reading →

No Longer Waiting for Ploddo.

In about 2005 I discovered, after years of avoiding any sort of academia since I left education, that I actually enjoy writing. This came about only because we had decided to home school our eldest child. As part of his learning challenged him to a story writing contest, we chose three random words and set... Continue Reading →

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