Terrorist Attack in Westminster.

As for the Terror attack in London today, Britain will never back down. Brexit or no Brexit we’ll still unite with Europe and the rest of the world against theses atrocities. This attack is close to home for me because I have a brother who works in London that thank goodness was on a school trip with my nephew. We also have a very good friend that works in parliament, who was thankfully on holiday in Scotland today, although I know his thoughts will be with his colleagues and friends. Also our son is due to go to London next week to tour parliament with his college. As parents we have enough to worry about without these maniacal cowards ploughing down innocent people in the street. My husband and I grew up in the city of Leicester, I remember in 1990 it was bombed by the IRA and my parents stopped me going into town for a long time after, I thought those days were over. To anyone affected by the attack today, for the dead and their families, the injured, and those who had to stand by and watch the carnage my family send our condolences.

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