National make a short post day???

The dates are for the UK and I’ve obviously had to look them up online. I struggle to keep important daily information in my head thanks to the brain fog let alone anything else. I’m not sure how different the same days are internationally though.

For my little list of problems there’s

May 10th – World Lupus day.

May 12th – National chronic fatigue syndrome day.

May 12th – National fibromyalgia day. (I guess they have to share)

The list could go on I’m not sure why but autoimmune diseases don’t get much recognition. It’s probably because Dr House always said ‘it’s never Lupus’.

On the flip side I can understand why cancer gets the most, that’s a no brainer. I’ve been particularly touched by the story of a guy called Furious Pete, he is a Youtuber who has a few channels, one of those being fitness. His mum actually has MS which if you didn’t know is an autoimmune disease as is Lupus. (I hope I don’t get in trouble for talking about this) My point being is that in three years he has had to battle cancer three times and maybe if Cancer didn’t get the support it does his story might be different and mine and my husband’s YouTube watching would be a lot duller.

Anyway back to my initial point (I’ve been really messed up lately so sorry for the switching.) How do you make these awareness days, who decides? Is it just like Chinese whispers or the 1% I have no idea, but whoever thought international talk like a pirate day was a good idea needs to walk the fucking plank. By the way it’s on the 19th of September this year. Unfortunately so far I have missed national drinking straw day, Argyle day (WTF), appreciate a dragon day? So even myths get days now? I also missed, and this is verbatim, ‘National Run it Up the Flagpole and See if Anyone Salutes Day’ Run what up the flag pole, I don’t think many people in England have flagpoles so we really can’t contribute. Or am I being naive and this is an adult day? Hmm.

I’ve also missed out on old rock day, I’ve got to be honest I don’t know an old rock from a new one. Worst of all the days is…Tooth ache day. Anyone who has ever had tooth ache knows it shouldn’t have a day of recognition but banishment and shame. Just a side note, every man and his brother is trying to get people to quit smoking but why then is May 31st National tobacco day?

Here are some days I’d gladly involve myself in. Bubble bath day, Chocolate day…mmm. National cheesecake day, mad hatter day, don’t know what the hell it is but I’m intrigued. National cookie day, world sandwich day, cheesecake day…Oh I’ve already said that one. I like the idea of hug a stranger day but, and I hope it’s not just me, I would be quite picky about who I chose. So maybe call it ‘Put on a blindfold and hug a stranger day’ that would be fairer. National relaxation day sounds good. Compliment your mirror day would be a good one if it didn’t keep making me look like shit. National lasagna day and definitely no housework day.

I would say eat what you want day would be on this list but inevitabley my body would pay. Last but not least national bed month. Although to be fair my husband and two boys would say that’s every month for me.

Also I would like to mention National kindness day, I don’t want people thinking I just like to lie down and eat. Ideally we should have national kindness everyday. (I know that was really cheesy) mmm cheesy.

Thanks for reading.





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