Will not Suffer Fools Gladly?

Will not suffer fools gladly? Hmm! I’ve heard that saying before, as I’m sure many of you have also, and gone ‘Duh. Well who does?’ Thing is, there are people out there who do suffer fools on a daily basis, and many of them, I’m sure, do it gladly.
Think about Dr’s and nurses. I am at the hospital a lot and I regularly see how, although their patient may have a chronic lung condition and insist on still smoking, the doctors and nurses still have a smile on their faces when dealing with them. Week in week out, they treat the patient the same way, often with a smile and a chat, always asking if they can do more to help, and often showing caring compassion. I know the guy’s a fool, he knows he’s a fool, but the doctor doesn’t care.

           Another example is prison officers. They have to work with people who make bad decisions daily, as they process people in and out of the system, seeing the same faces, having committed the same crimes, over and over again. They too try their best to maintain an air of dignity and respect for the person they are dealing with for the umpteenth time but still show you some empathy as they make you cough and squat. Many of them will talk to the young offenders, try to straighten them out and put them on a better path. Of course, there are also the officers that have to interact with pedophiles’ and child killers on a daily basis and they may not show you empathy when you cough and squat, but if the officer isn’t standing over you with Your cock and balls in one hand and a bloody knife in the other, well that’s a point for team gladly.

           Then there are teachers. Not only do they suffer fools gladly, but most of them do it optimistically. Something that feels sparse in the world right now. I sometimes wonder what teachers think, seeing the children join senior school on their first day, invariably wearing blazers that are far too big for them. I wonder if they can tell which of them will be in detention through most of their school life. Or pick out the one child in the school of which at least five teachers know their home phone number off by heart. Or those kids that are inexplicably absent on a regular basis. I think out of all the above, teachers suffer more fools than most. Most adults know right from wrong, yet some still commit their crime. As for adult patients, we all know that if we eat, drink, smoke, or do anything to excess, we’ll end up ill. But, let’s face it, the majority of children are fools, and teachers have the pleasure or chore of being the ones to shape these individuals from the ages of 5 to 18. They are obliged to steer them all in the right direction. They have to teach them how to live, work, and play as a good upright citizen all under the glare of government targets, head teachers, the board of governors, the PTA and of course, Ofsted. Many of those are also the fools that teachers have to suffer. With that said, good teachers that want to make a difference and they do persevere with the children more than anyone.

Except that is, for the lucky ones, the parents.

Myself and my husband are guilty of suffering fools gladly, our two lovely sons. Doesn’t matter how old they get there’s always something to make you roll your eyes and say ‘You Idiot’. Recently we painted the house and when the kids got back from school the first thing they asked was ‘Can we touch the walls yet?’ I said what? Why do you need to touch the walls? This is why we had to paint in the first flipping place, sigh! Yet still we made them dinner, listened enthusiastically about their day, and genuinely smiled as we said good night and Love you.

I think my point is “Doesn’t suffer fools gladly.” is a backwards quote. If it wasn’t for the people who choose to suffer fools gladly, where would society be today? In fact, saying a person does suffer fools gladly should be a mark of respect for someone who decided that they were going to help the rest of us, because the rest of us are invariably, the fools.


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