“Celebrities” who survived 2016 are mopping their brows.

 My question is exactly who is mopping their brow? I don’t mean is it the maid or the butler. I mean there are certain people who, deservedly so, are entitled to thank whom ever they believe in that they are still alive. Examples of these people maybe Prince Philip, kirk Douglas and any or all of the Rolling Stones. Now they know they’re celebrities, of course we all do so let the celebration of life begin. But what about the others, where is the line of ‘Are you or are you not a celeb’ drawn and who gets to draw it? The bigger question I suppose would be how is it decided which side they should be on?

Is it determined by wealth? I would argue no to that because there are plenty of rich people out there that remain anonymous. Is it how well you are known by the public? (Most of which are spawned from reality Tv shows)By that I mean is ‘Celebrity’ defined now by how often are you splashed all over the many media outlets we now have. The most important point for me is how can they be sure they are ‘Celeb’ enough to post “Phew I made it, fuck you 2016” When does the point of embarrassment arise when they acknowledge that they were briefly on the ‘X factory’ or Big Brother 8 years ago and although they still have, for example, over 1000 followers they just don’t realise that unless they post a fail video those followers just skip past their name, the same way most of us do when suddenly a perfume advert appears, we scroll straight past it.

As for 2016 and its unprecedented loss of some very talented people. A lot of whom were the definition of Celebrity and did a great amount for charity, it’s been a sad cruel 12 months. Any death is sad for the people left behind, at least we all hope so, we all would like to have had an impact on at least one person that would miss us.

So without being a downer on the first day of the year, the department of education recorded that between 1st April 2015 and 31st March 2016, 4,400 child deaths were recorded in the UK alone, they are only the recorded deaths, Lord knows how many are not? So I guess all I can say is, mourn your idols, a loss is personal to each individual but spare a thought for the 4,400 little ones that didn’t have the chance to be seen as ‘special’ to the world and the families who would have done anything for just one more year with their child.

Thanks for reading.



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