Lupus Awareness Month.

As A preface to this blog, I really wanted to post it on World Lupus Day but My body decided to celebrate the whole week leading up to said day to have a massive flare. It's been ten years since I was diagnosed with Lupus. You may think that sounds like hell, well it is.... Continue Reading →


Me & Molly’s Movement.

A life with Chronic diseases is a chronic pain in the arse. That seems like a obvious statement but for you and the people in your inner circle its not so simple. see here for details of my diseases... At the minute I am at the point with my body where I don't feel... Continue Reading →

Stuff And Nonsense

Everything happens for a reason! That was my mantra for many, many years and I only dropped this after I lost a very good friend. I think it was my brains naive way of trying to cope with the crap that went on around me. I didn't like school, I always struggled academically and just... Continue Reading →

I Wear the Trousers… But he has To Help Me Put Them On.

I didn't write this post, it was written by my husband. Seeing how much I struggle with everyday life now he did what he does best, reassurance. It's difficult watching someone have to care for you, but this is a post from the other side, the carer/husbands point of view. I am Simon. Emma is... Continue Reading →

Terrorist Attack in Westminster.

As for the Terror attack in London today, Britain will never back down. Brexit or no Brexit we’ll still unite with Europe and the rest of the world against theses atrocities. This attack is close to home for me because I have a brother who works in London that thank goodness was on a school... Continue Reading →

National make a short post day???

The dates are for the UK and I’ve obviously had to look them up online. I struggle to keep important daily information in my head thanks to the brain fog let alone anything else. I’m not sure how different the same days are internationally though. For my little list of problems there’s May 10th –... Continue Reading →

The Invention of Drudgery.

Chores, who the hell decided which ideas or “chores” were kept and maintained over the years? Was it one man, a committee or society itself? I doubt it’s the latter or else we would never have owned anything made from brass, it is such an arsehole metal to clean. Surely there must have been some... Continue Reading →

Our very long day at Kings College Hospital, London Pt 2.

  At one in the afternoon it was time for an EEG, the man performing it was very nice but I’m not really sure what the purpose for it was. I have a very sensitive scalp so although he assured me I’ll feel no pain the marks he put on my head as he measured... Continue Reading →

Our very long day at Kings College Hospital, London. Pt 1.

A few weeks ago I made a post called just a short one which essentially focused on my being told I had to go to London, kings college hospital no less. For me and my husband the first decision was whether to take the car or train. Although more expensive and a little more uncomfortable we... Continue Reading →

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